Virtual Prototyping and Manufacturing (VPM)

  • Work with OEMs from studio release to vendor release
  • Early involvement maximizes benefits
  • Work with Tiers to evaluate design proposals and suggest alternate designs

Research Partnership

Collaborate with equipment suppliers and end user teams to evaluate limitations and best practices for new and upcoming processes, using simulation tools and correlating with actual field trials

  • Conformal Cooling
  • Mucell
  • 3D printing (mold inserts)
  • Quantifying sink issues
  • Collaborate on DFSS projects with OEMS to develop and optimize part design criteria for specific classes of parts

Educational Seminars

As part of team building – we also want the customer to understand the capabilities and limitations of the analysis tools at our disposal – so we offer these seminars (free of charge to our customers)

  • Material Behavior
  • Impact on Processability
  • Injection Molding Theory and Practice
  • Moldflow Analysis Theory and Practice
  • How to Fit Analysis in the Product Development Cycle
  • Gas-Assisted Injection Molding Theory and Practice

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